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I am often asked on Instagram about what tools I use or what tools I’d recommend. My choices in tools have changed as skills have grown. Many of my larger stationary and bench tools were Craigslist scores. In some cases, I have been gifted some tools listed below. And in most cases, I have scoured the internet, read forums and reviews and tried the find the most cost effective option. Amazon has been one of the most common places that I have purchased new tools. The copious number of reviews, the easy return policy and free, quick shipping are hard to beat since I am not close to woodworking or woodturning retailers.

Below, grouped into subcategories, I have compiled a lengthy list of tools and supplies I use at Cutthroat Woodworks. Many of the products below are affiliate links. I participate in the Amazon Associates program and earn from qualifying purchases through linking of products to By clicking on any of the affiliate links below, at no additional cost to you, the consumer, you are helping me potentially earn funds that will enhance content and products. Thank you, in advance, for your participation here.



Harvey Turbo T-40 Wood Lathe

Harbor Freight 10”x18” Midi Wood Lathe - Harbor Freight Link

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