About Me

Howdy! I am Scott Kershaw and I have been woodworking since 2012. I got into woodworking when I couldn’t find a decently constructed train table for my 18 month old son. We needed a table that could withstand the abuse of a toddler, moving, being a catch-all table in our living space and one that would live well beyond more kids, spills and dings. It hit me that I could build a table for myself and I could do it with minimal cost and tools. So I went to YouTube to find out how to build a train table and that’s what I did.

In the late winter of 2012 I enrolled in “YouTube University” and spent hours upon hours taking “classes” about DIY furniture building and woodworking on a budget. I first acquired a circular saw and a Kreg K4 pocket hole system. And I was off with those new tools and the drill/driver set that every homeowner ought to keep available. I found a design that I particularly liked,  watched all the pocket hole how-tos and headed out to the uninsulated single car garage and started building. Shortly thereafter I added the cheapest big-box store table saw to the mix and the rest was history.

Above: The train table that started it all. Don't look too close! ;)

It was in the summer of 2015 that I had accumulated a decent number of projects on my resume. I had been posting the occasional project on my personal Instagram feed. Then in September I decided that it was time to couple my two passionate hobbies and Cutthroat Woodworks was born on Instagram. The rest is history, really. I still attend “YouTube University.” I still use pocket holes here and there. But a few things have changed. You know! The things that come along as you dive in head first into a new hobby. New tools came. Better tools accumulated. Skills developed. And, even new talents were realized. One thing has stayed steadfast since that cold February in 2012 though. I am still deeply passionate about woodworking.

Much to my surprise, Cutthroat Woodworks developed a bit of a presence on Instagram. I love sharing what I am trying, what’s a flop and what’s a success. I have added to my passion by using CNC technology in the shop as well as spending a significant amount of time turning wood on the lathe. As of today, Cutthroat Woodworks is still a hobby and I’m constantly amazed that kind and gracious folks stick around, join in and chat with me about life in and out of the shop.

Hopefully knowing a bit about me is beneficial to you. At its most watered down version, I am a husband and father to 3 of my favorite humans and our dog, Moose. I love fly fishing, especially for wild, native cutthroat trout and all things woodworking. Much of what keeps my fire going for woodworking is seeing what others are making and what things I may have inspired. If you’ve been inspired by my journey in woodworking I’d love to hear about it or see it on social media. Please stay in touch via Facebook, Instagram and this website.

Thank you for dropping by and interacting with me. Your support and camaraderie are extremely appreciated.

Tight lines,